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At Home Office Desk Ideas: 10 Styles & Themes

Finding and personalizing at home office desk ideas that fit your life and work style can be a challenging but fun process. We’re here to help!

Furthermore, you can easily find a great desk for your home office with all of the features you need while still staying true to style. Home offices in today’s homes are beautiful and can be inviting and productive spaces to achieve one’s goals. Don’t neglect your office.

Your home office could be in the corner of a bedroom, a dorm room, a small nook somewhere in your house, or a beautiful study just off of your foyer. The furniture within your workspace needs to be comfortable if you plan to spend any length of time there. Above all, your desk and office chair are the most important furniture pieces within your office. They should be there to anchor your accessories and office decor choices.

In this guide, we’ll discuss several necessities and 10 different home office desk ideas and style themes. You can apply these ideas to any home office space.

Let’s get to it.

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Necessities For Any Home Office

Office Space Lighting

Light is so important. And we’re not talking about the institutional fluorescent bright white tube lights from your average office building. We’re talking about warm light that illuminates your space, creating an inviting and comfortable environment for your productivity to flourish.

A simple combination of a desk or table lamp with overhead light can actually help to improve both your organization and productivity.

A Great Office Chair

A great-looking chair is inviting, in some cases even inspiring. However, a good-looking office chair isn’t enough. It needs to feel incredible. In most cases, hour after hour will be spent in that office chair. Day after day.

If your work is spent at a desk, the office chair your sitting in needs to be very comfortable to create your true PhiDesk.

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Office Storage

Even in the smallest of office spaces, storage and organization are a must for most of us. Storage solutions for office desks are pretty broad overall. For instance, you can buy a desk with drawers and built-in shelving. If you’re working at a desk with no drawers or build in storage, there are numerous office storage solutions that you can incorporate.

You can easily create storage solutions with a little creativity. For instance, things like desk organizers, wall shelving, or floor shelving. These quick and easy methods can help to provide ample storage space.


A huge benefit to working from home is having the ability to customize your surroundings. The ability to fill the area around you with things that you love and make you feel the most comfortable.

Don’t neglect your office space. Fill the area with things that make you happy and that you feel could benefit you when working within your home office.

For instance, items like stylish lighting, wall art, floor or table-top plants, and comfortable lounge furniture are great examples. Use these items and some creativity to make the home office your own.

Below we discuss 10 of our favorite at home office desk ideas and style themes:

1. At Home Office Desk Ideas for Smaller Spaces

At Home Office Desk Ideas Year Color Portable Desk

While smaller spaces can be a challenge for finding the best office desk to go in the space, it’s not an impossible task.

The versatility of a portable desk allows you to put the desk up or break it down quickly, getting the most of the rest of the space when you are done working.

If you have a smaller workspace at home, find small furniture pieces or items that can be versatile with style. We love this portable solution from Year Color. Get one today for less than $100.

2. Clever Space-Saving At Home Office Desk Ideas

at home office desk ideas wall mounted desk

Low on space altogether? Perhaps you would just rather not take up much space with a desk that you rarely use. In either scenario, creative thinking can play a part.

A wall-mounted hideaway desk may be the perfect solution. With no floor space being occupied, this wall-mounted home office desk offers an incredible space-saving opportunity while remaining stylish. In conclusion, a hideaway desk is a great solution for a low-on-space situation.

We love the look and functionality of this hideaway wall-mounted floating desk.

3. Take It To An Industrial Look

PhiDesk Industrial Loft

Turn your space industrial using metal surfaces, industrial lighting, and clean lines. A great look for an industrial loft space and an easy one to convert to for most others.

Stainless steel desks are a great option for a theme. We love the look of restaurant stainless steel work tables as an at home office desk idea. Very industrial and a very affordable option at less than $300.

Keep the desk area as a minimalist approach and focus on other aspects of the space. For instance, things like lighting, shelving, etc., to bring in more of that industrial feel you’re looking for.

4. Minimalist Approach

at home office desk ideas minimalist

Do you love the clean look? A minimalist approach is a modern feel with clean lines and as little clutter as possible.

A good-looking desk with this approach is an absolute must. A minimalist at home office desk can be achieved easily with a good choice of a desk and a sharp office chair to finish the look. In conclusion, the minimalist approach is a simple, sophisticated, and modern look.

If this look is for you, get this Censi minimalist desk today for less than $149.

5. Modern Concept

modern desk

Modern looks are eye-catching, featuring clean lines and, at times, abstract design. It’s essentially a twist on the minimalist approach, reducing clutter and incorporating smart storage and modern technology.

We love this cool modern at home office desk shown above. It’s a large 60-inch modern desk with side drawers from Monarch Specialties for less than $450.

Basic, neutral colors are used. For instance, whites, blacks, greys, and metals are often used within modern designs and themes. Additionally, vibrant highlight colors can be used throughout, such as yellows, greens, or oranges.

Furthermore, you can add some twist on the modern look with desks with unique frames or desk legs. We love the look of this high-end Sector Office Desk. It features a high gloss work surface and a stainless steel x-frame that adds a feel of modern luxury to any home office area.

at home office desk ideas modern 2

Sonos Speakers

6. L-Shaped

at home office desk ideas l-shaped

Why not have two desks in one? In other words, you can create ample workspace for multiple projects or multi-tasking by incorporating an L-shaped desk into your home office.

Like the minimalist and industrial styles, this look features clean lines and quality metal framing. However, with this option, the desk takes a 90-degree turn and yields twice the workspace.

Our top pick would be the TopSky L-Shaped desk for its quality construction and styling. Get one today for less than $130.

7. Keep It Classic & Executive

at home office desk ideas classic executive

Have a taste for classic, quality furniture? Us to. That’s why there is no way we could leave this Wilshire Executive Desk as a classic home desk off of the list.

The desk is a quality English Dovetail construction that will last decades. A piece that is full of rich detail and character. Furthermore, a classic desk should be full of that “old-time” character, as if many wonderful things have been accomplished there.

Featuring ball-bearing drawer glides and locking legal and letter drawers, this executive desk makes for a wonderful at home office desk. If this beautiful piece is your cup of tea, you can get one today for around $1800.

8. Vanity Desk

vanity desk

If you’re a lady working with bedroom space for your office area, it might be wise to consider a vanity desk.

With beautiful and elegant design, we love the look of this TribeSigns Vanity Desk that can double as a vanity. For instance, if using a laptop, it just slides away within one of the two drawers to save space. Get one today for less than $180.

Additionally, another good option for a vanity desk would be the Eloise Desk with a built-in mirror and storage area. This makes this desk a perfect solution for minimalist space savers.

at home office desk ideas vanity desk

9. At Home Office Desk With Multiple Screens


There are numerous reasons why someone might want to have multiple screens working on their computer system. If you plan to do so, you need to consider if your desk is up to the task.

You can achieve this multi-screen computer display easily by using brackets like the EchoGear Triple Monitor Desk Mount. Therefore, you have the option to install it on any desk that can hold the weight.

In most multi-screen scenarios, the idea is to widen the screen area’s viewing range. Therefore, the ideal desk for such a setup would be a wider one. You want to go for a 60-inch model or wider to support all of that real-estate.

Our choice would be the Seven Warrior T-Shaped Gaming Desk at less than $200. It is 60 inches wide, has a strong construction, and has some cool features like headphone racks and a cup holder built-in!

10. Elevator Desk For At Home Office Desk

at home office desk ideas elevator desk

The Ultimate for anyone creating a PhiDesk workstation is an elevator desk. However, they can come at an added expense. These incredible desks give you the ability to adjust the desk’s height with the push of a button.

This gives you the versatility of being able to sit or stand at your desk while working at any given time with effortless transition.

A great option for an elevator desk is the Directional Desk, which is available for between $600-$700.

In recent years, health experts have identified excessive sitting – yes, sitting – as the fourth-largest cause of premature mortality in the world. So the idea of the elevator desk is to offer that versatility that allows you to alternate from sitting to standing throughout the day if desired.

Overall, our favorite option that we love is the Vari Electric Standing Desk. Offering the same convenient motorized function, you can easily adjust from sitting to standing positions as you see fit. We’re in love with the captivating wood grain look, which you can get within the same price range.

At Home Office Desk Theme FAQ

What is the best at home office desk for me?

It depends solely on your style and preference. If you’re sharing the space with others, perhaps discuss with them first to get opinions. However, choosing a neutral theme can easily be changed or modified to taste.

What if I don’t have enough space for an at home office desk?

If you’re short on space, consider the first two options in our recommended 10. The first on our list is a portable desk from Year Color that can easily be put up and broken down within seconds. You can then store it away when not using it and put it back up when you want to work.

The other option was second on the list, with the Tangkula wall-mounted floating desk. Only a small area is required to place a chair. Once you’re finished, you can fold it up securely to the wall – only using the space when you need to work.

What is the best at home office desk option for someone who finds it hard to decide?

Our recommendation would be something neutral. The minimalist desk or elevator desk are our top recommendations. Either can be modified significantly by simply changing out other room features like wall art, surrounding further, lighting, etc.


In conclusion, we wish you the best of luck in your search for your PhiDesk. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to an ideal workspace. Styling the area is simply a matter of preference and comfort.

Now, what work are you going to do within your home office space?

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